Reasons For Adopting

In Spain about 150.000 dogs are abandoned every year. Many of them are lucky and get another chance, but many others fall by the wayside. That is why when you adopt a pet you are not only saving a life but also changing yours forever.

Asociación Otra Oportunidad

Here we leave some reasons that explain why we believe that adopting an animal is wonderful:

  1. You will have a friend who will love you all its life.
  1. You will always be happily welcomed home!
  1. You can share unforgettable moments: you will laugh a lot and you will take hundreds of photos. You will do things you’d never done before.
  1. Your dog will share the good and the bad times with you. They feel your pain and know how to cheer you up.
  1. You will do exercise every time you take it out for a walk.
  1. You will learn things you never knew.
  1. You will realize how important they are and how much you can love them.

Furthermore, when you adopt a dog you help us to continue saving more lives.

Do you still need more reasons? Then put a beautiful and underprivileged dog in your life!

Adopting is wonderful!


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